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Most homes still rely on an old tank-style water heater system. While these systems have improved in terms of their ability to use less energy, their fundamental design has not changed all that much in decades. Today, you can expect to need to replace your tank-style water roughly every eight to ten years when the tank is properly maintained. Those who don’t maintain their heater well enough might have to replace it even sooner.

We Install Both Tank & Tankless Water Heaters

At The Water Heater Specialists, we specialize in installing both tank-style heaters as well as modern tankless water heating systems. Tankless water heater systems are known as “demand” water heaters because they produce the water you use as you demand it, and that means no energy waste from keeping a tank of water at your desired temperature when you aren’t using it. Likewise, because tankless water heaters are completely serviceable, they have expected lifespans of 20 to 30 years or more, meaning they may be the last new water heater you ever have to buy.

How Long Does My Water Heater Last?

Do you know what your most-used appliance is? For many homeowners, that title belongs to their water heater. The average water heater in a four-person house supplies over 60 gallons of water every day, covering everything from showering to cleaning to running appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine. That usage adds up over time, and for that reason tank-style water heaters are some of the shortest-lived appliances you own.

Whether your water heater has developed a problem or it’s time to replace that old, leaking unit for good, The Water Heater Specialists are the name to call. We have helped homeowners throughout the Chico area solve their water heater woes with world-class repair, replacement, and installation services. We prioritize customer service, providing exceptional value, and delivering superior performance by installing premium products from reputable manufacturers. And we make the installation and repair process easy by offering quick response times and fast service.

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Three Reasons to Call a Pro

Why should you reach out to a professional to have your water heater installed? While it may seem like something a particularly handy person could do themselves, replacing a water heater is a difficult job that requires a high level of expertise and skill. With so much depending on your water heater, you can hardly afford for anything to go wrong. 

Here are three reasons to call a professional for your water heater replacement:

  • Pros make getting permits easy. Did you know you likely need to get a permit to replace your water heater? Professional contractors often make getting the right permits easy. Because we install and replace so many water heaters, we make sure you get the permit you need and get it quickly so your job can get started right away. 
  • Pros get the job done right. Do you want to avoid a mistake that could be costly down the line? Make sure an experienced professional is the one conducting your replacement. Water heater installation is a fairly complex procedure, and it’s easy to overlook a step that might be integral to your new heater working to the best of its ability for the next decade.
  • Pros check for things you might miss. It may have been years since a professional last took a look at your water heater, including the various auxiliary pieces that they require to operate smoothly. A professional can quickly and accurately identify any potential issues that might prevent your new water heater from working properly or that might unexpectedly fail and cause a plumbing emergency. 

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