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There are two primary types of water treatment systems: filtration systems and additive systems. Water filtration systems are what most people think of when they think of a water purifier—these types of systems physically remove unwanted inclusions from your water, leaving you with purer, cleaner, and better-quality water. This is done using a variety of different filtration media that are all designed to capture and hold on to substances in your water without stopping the water itself. Water filtration systems are generally reliable, energy efficient, and require very little maintenance, but do sometimes carry a higher initial investment cost. Likewise, it’s important to have your water tested before installing one of these systems so you know what types of filtration your water supply really needs.

Additive systems are systems that add additional substances to your water in order to neutralize others. While they don’t purify your water, they can and do eliminate other undesirable qualities such as strange textures, tastes, or other effects. A water softener system is a great example—these systems imbue your water with sodium ions that take the place of minerals like calcium or magnesium. This “softens” your water, making it easier on your plumbing, hair, and skin, and even helps get rid of some of the strange, earthy tastes it can have.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

Do you have a water quality issue? Your water may seem fine, but the truth is that it probably isn’t as pure as you would like it to be. It isn’t uncommon for drinking water to contain everything from elevated calcium levels to heavy metals to trace amounts of manufactured chemical compounds. And while our water supply is carefully monitored to ensure it remains safe, we can totally understand if you would rather remove these unwanted inclusions for purer, safer, and better-tasting water.

At The Water Heater Specialists, we have just the solution to your water quality problems: a water treatment system. Every water treatment project starts with a comprehensive water treatment test to determine what your biggest areas of need are. Whether it’s cutting down on unwanted hard water minerals or reducing the quantity of other included substances, we make it our mission to improve the quality of your water and the quality of your life.

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Increase the Longevity of Your Water Heater

Improving your water quality helps more than just your health—it also greatly improves the longevity and performance of your water heater. With poor quality water, your water heater’s tank can corrode faster than expected and connectors or other key components can fall apart. Sediment can also build up in the bottom of your tank, blocking heat transfer in gas-powered tanks and requiring you to regularly drain your tank to flush it out. Improving your water quality helps keep your water heater in good health and extend its longevity as much as possible.

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