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Tank Type Water Heaters

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Propane/Gas  Tank Water Heaters

  • energy rating between .59 and .62 depending on the brand and gallon capacity.

  • Gas water heaters with a .62 rating are considered energy efficient

  • Cost less to operate annually, but slightly more to install due additional components. 

  • Larger than electric systems.

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  • 6-12 Year Factory Warranty

  • Gas or Electric options

  • Energy Star Certified 

  • Short, Medium, and Tall Tanks

  • Rebate Qualified

Repair Guarantee


Includes travel time and up-to 1-hour diagnostic work, we then offer a solution and/or options will be offered. We do not do warranty repair work.


Includes actual repair & obtaining and/or ordering part(s) as needed. 


All actual repair work is guaranteed for 30-days.


Electric & hybrid Heat pump Tank Water Heaters

  •  energy rating between .90 and .94  depending on the brand and gallon capacity.

  •  Tank sizes are available in tall, medium and short models 

  •  THese systems cost less to replace or install due to the fact that they are easier to install because they do not require a flue vent system or gas hook up.

 We are certified installers for all recommended brands.

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